Google Updates Can Devastate A Company

If you have owned a website for any amount of time you know Google rankings can be frustrating. One day your site is on the first page for your search terms and the next it’s not. You have gotten used to the ups and downs this means to the flow of new customers for your business.

However, what happens when there is a major change. What if your site gets penalized and drops drastically in the rankings? What if your site is de-indexed (removed from Google search)?

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That is exactly what has happened to millions of companies over the years. With names like Panda and Penguin the Google algorithm changes have the ability to crush your business over night.
So how do you prepare? How do you do your very best to prevent this from ever occurring?

You need the assistance of a professional SEO Company. Search engine optimization is not for do it yourselfer’s or outsourcers. You need to have an expert in your corner. Someone who has taken the time to learn the in’s and out’s of search engine domination. A true professional will now the industry standard best practices to keep your website out of the cross hairs of Google updates.

There are many factors which go into protecting your site. Google has made it clear they do not want you gaming their system. They want their search results to be the very best for their customers. However, without taking key steps your site will never rank. So you have to find a balance. You have to know how to properly gain trust and authority in Google’s eyes. This takes proper implementation of on page and off page factors.

So how can you best be ready? You need to start now and get the best advice possible. Find a reliable and trustworthy firm to handle all of your seo optimization.

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